Popcorn science project

For example, if your hypothesis is that a bath towel can absorb one gallon of water, consider factors such as the type of material used to make the towel and the temperature of the water.

You can also talk about which s olids dissolve in water. Have students use the free and easy-to-use online bar-graphing tool Create a Graph to make graphs illustrating the results of their surveys.

The ears are collected in the field in bins or boxes and moved into steel cribs using mechanical elevators or conveyors. Count out popcorn kernels.

After the War, a bonus prize returned to every box. North American Indians also strung the popped kernels on grass strings and used them for decorations and personal adornment. Appoint 4 or 5 students to be "collectors. Challenge students to estimate how many kernels are in the container.

Popcorn Activities, Grades K-5

If you teach primary-grade children, you might work with them to create a graph illustrating their responses to one of the questions below. Flint corn is usually called Indian corn; its colorful kernels make it highly attractive, and it is used for decoration because it is tough and tasteless.

Use a chronograph many cell phones have one or a clock with a second hand to keep track of when you hear the first pop. Students can sample each and respond to the question, "which popcorn sample did you like best.

In the factory, the cleaning processes are carefully monitored, and the series of screens and other devices are chosen to remove all stray materials and unwanted kernels.

Where Should You Store Your Popcorn?

Follow the same popping procedure used in the control experiment. At this point you have the perfect opportunity to talk about predictions and have your kids predict what they think will happen when the vinegar is added. Heat oil until it begins to smoke.

Popcorn needs between As it explodes, steam inside the kernel is released. Make sure to stir the mixture well. Hybrids are also chosen based on resistance to disease and damage from insects, stalk strength, how easily they grow, and how easily they can be pulled out of the ground.

Tip For other ideas of science fair ideas on popcorn you can use microwave bags of popcorn instead or you can compare different brands of popcorn kernels instead.

We call this guess our hypothesis. If you want you can add a drop of food coloring. Popcorn Book by Tommie de Paola, by telling students that the author’s favorite good is popcorn. Read aloud up to page 21, stopping before the explanation of what makes popcorn pop.

Using popcorn for a home science project a cheap and fun way to teach kids! I hope you enjoy this project and make memories that will last!

How to Do a Popcorn Science Fair Project

By the way, if you take pictures I would love to see them! Mar 12,  · I need your help! My son is in Kindergarten and we are finishing up his science fair project that was done with popcorn.

The purpose was to find out which variety/brand of popcorn would pop up the most cups of popcorn. The Science, Math, and Health Professions Division (SMHP) is committed to increasing the number of students, including underrepresented minorities, in science, technology, engineering, and.

Popcorn Projects – YUM! Posted by Dr. Maille Lyons on January 31, Advantages: Quick, relatively cheap, relatively easy, and you can bribe kids with eating the popcorn AFTER the project is done.

What makes popcorn pop? This popcorn science fair project will help you answer that question. Trust us. This project will put the "pop" in your project!

Popping Fresh Popcorn science project
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Experiments with Popcorn