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Step-by-step instructions with photos are below. You will also need oil-based enamel paint, sandpaper, epoxy, distilled water, glitter, and glycerin available at drugstores. There are several in private hands inside and out of Germany. Measure and draw a window for the snow globe, leaving at least an inch of paper on the edge to frame your snow globe.

This will take longer to dry but will make the globe look more dimensional and be an added geography lesson for the kids. Unfold the rectangle and there are eight equal sections. This paper rose from We Lived Happily Ever After is incredibly realistic looking — the process is a little more involved than some of the other tutorials but the results are stunning.

Cut the other piece of construction paper in half. What you want is the back piece of the bag the part with no writing on it. You may also like: Wring the cloth out extremely well.

Contact Author Step by step instructions on how to make an earth globe from paper mache. Tissue Paper-Mache Globe Art Project We all remember doing those fun paper mache projects in elementary school using balloons.

Climate change and where it is affecting the earth e.

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Draw a line along each fold. For an easy version of paper roses, try these from Capitol Romance. Usually a globe is mounted so that its spin axis is Following steps in order. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dust or loose dirt.

This will be the window of your snow globe. Place the compass point on A.

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Mark this point "C. It is Paper globes example of how maps are printed in order to be folded around a sphere to form a globe. It is a messy project but an extremely satisfying one. Often times, this is sufficient for cleaning an antique piece.

This daffodil wreath Classic Play is designed to be easy enough for kids. Cut 20 circles out. Now add the second set of 5 to the top, again using the tabs.

Raised areas should be done before applying any tissue or paint to the globe. This is also a great project for Earth Day or can be done singly with your children or in a classroom setting.

The globes look beautiful when finished, especially if you have time to decorate them, and it was an interesting challenge to think of enough attributes of God to fill each face without repetition. Have a map or globe of the world close by for reference.

Make an Orange Globe To demonstrate the difficulty in making a flat map of a round surface make a map out of an orange peel. This will give you 20 triangles with tabs that stick up. Mountains, volcanoes, and large lakes can be added at this point using the layered newspaper.

Source Working on a globe art project with children is not only a good art lesson idea for kids, but it is also a good way to teach your children about geography, family, cultures, and history.

Unfold the rectangle, and place it in front of you horizontally. Earth Day is a great reason to get your kids learning about how to care for the Earth, but also to teach them about the world and the continents we reside in.

Fold it in half, top to bottom, three times. Another beauty from Lia Griffith: Each globe has 20 faces and I challenged the children to think of 20 different words either as a group or individually to describe God, each of which we would write on the faces.

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What You Do: Have your child fold a sheet of construction paper into a card. Measure and draw a window for the snow globe, leaving at least an inch of paper on the edge to frame your snow globe.

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Paper globes
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