Clement attlees government

There were other factors too. We have been unable to go in for care-free rejoicing. Attlee then trained as a barrister at the Inner Temple and was called to the bar in March In he readily accepted the need for Allied entry in the Korean War and for a new rearmament program. British adherence to, and even dependence on, the patronage of the United States.

During his time as mayor, the council undertook action to tackle slum landlords who charged high rents but refused to spend money on keeping their property in habitable condition.

He was equally good at managing the Labour Party. That was always the way with Attlee. The Criminal Justice Act of provided for new methods to deal with offenders, and abolished hard labour, penal servitude, prison divisions and whipping. As such, he was the penultimate man to be evacuated from Suvla Baythe last being General Stanley Maude.

The book attacked the idea that looking after the poor could be left to voluntary action. Without firing a shot, by the mere display of military force, he has achieved a dominating position in Europe which Germany failed to win after four years of war.

The Labour Party had, of course, been committed since its inception to creating a more egalitarian society through state action, particularly intervention in the economy.

We have felt humiliation. The Shops Act of consolidated previous legislation which provided that no one could be employed in a shop for more than six hours without having a break for at least 20 minutes. He had no time for the things that are now the stock-in-trade of all serious aspirants for high office: For the most part the takeovers were highly popular; none more so than the nationalisation of the coalmines.

It offered nothing less than a cradle-to-grave welfare state. He was perhaps the leading Labour politician of the 20th century.

The voters wanted an end to wartime austerity, and no return to prewar economic depression. The middle-classes who had voted in droves for Labour in abandoned the party at the general elections of andas years of poor living standards took their toll. In the General Election Labour lost its majority, and by the time of its defeat in the general election ofthe Labour government had worked itself to near exhaustion.

I shall be told that that is quite impossible.

Clement Attlee

They did not, however, succeed in replacing him as leader. He was educated at Haileybury College, a boarding school in Hertfordshire with a strong imperial tradition, and the University of Oxford.

As a political manager, Attlee had few equals. No 10 guest historian seriesPrime Ministers and No. Some historians such as Ralph Miliband expressed disappointment that the consensus was a modest or even conservative package that blocked a fully socialized society. However, after his shock at the poverty and deprivation he saw while working with the slum children, he came to the view that private charity would never be sufficient to alleviate poverty and that only direct action and income redistribution by the state would have any serious effect.

Attlee ministry

Entitlement to sick leave was greatly extended, and sick pay schemes were introduced for local authority administrative, professional and technical workers in and for various categories of manual workers in The Labour party had held office only twice before, in and inbut during the war years its leadership had acquired both experience and trust.

Extending the role of the state Attlee became Prime Minister when Labour won the election. The manifesto pledged nationalisation of the Bank of England, the fuel and power industries, inland transport, and iron and steel.

Together, these programs shifted the agenda of British politics in a moderate-left direction for a generation. Clement Attlee, During World War Two, Attlee was a highly successful deputy prime minister in Churchill's coalition government.

Then inwhen Labour swept to power in a landslide.

Clement Attlee

Oct 19,  · was made by Prime Minister Clement Attlee’s government during a meeting of the Defence Subcommittee of the Cabinet in early January The construction of a first reactor to produce fissile material and associated facilities had got under way the year before. Whether or not one agrees or disagrees with the policies of Attlee’s government, which was in power for 6 years, it is undoubtedly one of the most influential governments the UK has been governed by in the 20th century.

1945-51: Labour and the creation of the welfare state

Attlee’s policies were controversial, but his legacy has been claimed. Clement Attlee bore little resemblance to the contemporary politician. He had no time for the things that are now the stock-in-trade of all serious aspirants for high office: image and public relation.

Clement Attlee was leader of the Labour Party from toand served as Britain’s Prime Minister from to Attlee's government also presided over the decolonisation of India. Clement Attlee’s Government. Print Reference this.

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Clement attlees government
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